Benefits and Applications

For Posture-related Pain

Learning the Alexander Technique can help to prevent or alleviate conditions associated with undue tension or poor posture. These include many difficulties with pain and weakness, coordination and movement, and joint or muscle problems. If you are interested in a recent back pain study done by the British Medical Journal click here.

For Performers

The Alexander Technique helps performers to improve stamina, increase clarity of perception, free up spontaneity and manage stage fright. Improved self-awareness allows them to get rid of poor habits and develop a wider repertoire of skills, to deliver the best performance of which they are capable.

The Alexander Technique is taught at all the major music and drama colleges throughout the UK, and many in the USA and elsewhere.

For Improved Breathing

The Alexander Technique offers improved understanding and coordination of breathing to athletes, singers and other performers, people with medical difficulties relating to breathing and also relief from panic attacks that affect the breathing.

For Sports and Fitness

The Technique will help you become more aware of how you think and move. Thinking in activity will improve your performance by:

  • Improving breathing
  • Reducing undue muscular tension
  • Facilitating recovery
  • Reducing the likelihood of injury
  • Improving reflexes, balance and coordination
  • Improving quality of movement and mobility

For Self Development

The Alexander Technique is profoundly calming.

In a stressful situation the Alexander technique helps to organize our perception of the choices available. Learning to apply the Technique in this way builds quiet confidence.

The Alexander Technique has been found invaluable – often in conjunction with medical or psychotherapeutic treatment – in dealing with:

  • Long term illness or disability
  • Serious disease or injury
  • Post-traumatic problems
  • Panic attacks
  • Chronic pain

During Pregnancy

The principles of the Alexander Technique applied to the changes and adaptations that a mother must make during pregnancy, through childbirth and into caring for her new baby can help her:

  • Cope with the weight of the growing baby
  • Learn movements and positions to facilitate natural labor
  • Avoid pregnancy complains such as backache, breathlessness and tiredness
  • Recover her fitness and well-being after the birth

For Children

Children have one-to-one Alexander lessons for many of the same reasons as adults. In addition, the Technique has been found useful in the management of growth-related problems such as scoliosis and Scheuermann’s disease, and simply helping children to feel more comfortable during periods of rapid growth.

Children who are musicians or involved with disciplines such as horse riding or dancing may also find the technique helpful in developing their skills.

Most children respond very well to the Alexander Technique and very much enjoy the gentle and safe hands-on work received from an Alexander teacher. Teachers will encourage parents and guardians to observe and take an interest in their child’s lessons.