Here is what some of Marisa’s students are saying about her teaching:

Marisa has helped me grow in so many ways as a musician. After year of wanting to pursue singing, I finally had the courage to start taking lessons as an adult. Not only is she an incredible vocal teacher, she is an amazing mentor. She reminded me that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams! Marisa has allowed me take my skills to a whole new level. She encourages me to push myself and genuinely cares about the success of her students. I am so fortunate to know her and learn from her teaching!



Since I started with Marisa, I have found new confidence in my vocal range and my ability to transfer my understanding of classical technique to other genres I sing. By adding Alexander Technique, I believe I have been able to undo some tendencies that keep me from performing at my best. She fits a lot into our lessons and shows a great sensitivity to my short term fears and reminds me of my long term goals. I hate to be so biased but its also amazing to have a soprano teach to improve my soprano. I recommend her expertise, enthusiasm, and techniques – I especially can recommend the results!

Allyncia Williams


Marisa brings so much care, focus, commitment in her desire to see her students grow and understand new concepts. I’ve taken AT lessons from four different teachers, and Marisa has helped me to achieve the biggest growth in my confidence on stage, freedom in my piano playing, and improved feeling of well-being in my everyday life.

David Ryan